A pair of device which
helps keep an eye on your children.

A pair of simple devices which you and your kid wear on your wrists. Devices communicate with each other without a smartphone and vibrate when your child walks to far away from you. The devices are designed in such a manner children should not take it easily from their hands.

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We care
about our children

We care about our children. One of the worst nightmares for a parent is when the child is "missing". They could be just among other kids playing at the playground, build new sand castle on the beach or simply stand behind the corner.

During summer (from 1st July to 31st of August) 1000 - 1200 children got lost On the beaches in various places and resorts. Missing children is the No 1. problem for lifeguards on the beach not only in our area but across the globe every year.

We care
about our children

Most of those children were finally found and got back to their homes.But the stress for parents is incredible. Usually parents say that it was a just short moment when they have left their children out of their sight.

Kiddo is a solution to this problem, a product which helps you keep an eye on your child. Buying Kiddo you receive a pair of bracelets. One for you and one for your child. Those bracelets communicate with each other and inform each other when one of them gets out of range. With a mobile app you configure which bracelet belongs to you and which one to your child and at what distance should the alarm should start. From now on you can hide your smartphone - Kiddo bracelets communicate with each other seamlessly.

About Kiddo

How it Works

All current solutions are based on communication with smartphones. We haven’t found a solution which will allow us to locate other locate without a smartphone.
Hence we decided to build a device which:

  • communicates with each other
  • locate other devices
  • reacts when one device gets to far
  • is waterproof
  • could be recognized by other users of the system.

We found out that the device which we have built can do more.

What if we will configure through our mobile app other device for other parent. Then our three Kiddo bracelets exchange information like in mesh network.

At this situation there
will be no alarm.

With mesh architecture Kiddo seams perfect for whole families and school trips. The system will start the alarm when one of the children will leave the group and move to far away.

This configuration allows us to think about other functionalities.

If the problem occur and your kid gets then every user of Kiddo can help you to search your child. The “search” can be arrange in:

  • Quite mode

    Set up a quiet search of your kid bracelet. Every user of Kiddo will send you automatically information about location of your child’s bracelet when it gets in range.

  • Alarm

    There will be dedicated message prepared which you can share on social media or send to contacts, or police. Every user of Kiddo will be informed about a missing child in his location.

Benefits of Kiddo

Behind Kiddo

We come from the city by the sea. We love to spend time with our families by the water. What is more, one of members of our team Works also as a lifeguard.

The problem of lost children is always no 1. during summer on the beaches.
Some time ago we started to look for a device which will solve this problem. A device which doesn’t need a smartphone to work - so we can have fun with our children by the water and leave the phones In the bags.

Parts of Kiddo

Communication module
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Battery
  • Battery indicator
  • Vibration

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